The Funky United


Mick Sterling: Vocals

For over 3 decades, Sterling has been one of the most recognized names in the Twin Cities music scene. Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers, which he led for 17 years, was recently inducted in to the Mid-West Music Hall of Fame. Mick also runs the event production company MICK STERLING PRESENTS, was the founder of the HEART & SOUL concerts for ONE HEARTLAND, (formerly Camp Heartland, a place for kids impacted by HIV/AIDS) which raised nearly $500,000 in the 90's, and since 2011 has been running THE 30-DAYS FOUNDATION, which provides financial grants for real life people experiencing personal and/or financial crisis. Since founding it, Sterling and his foundation have helped over 20,000 families in the Twin Cities area and around the country, over 11,000 families alone in 2015.

Mick Sterling is continuing to explore new musical boundaries and finding new ways to communicate with his established audience and new ears to experience his music and philanthropic efforts.


Scott Glaser: Bass

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Chris Kellick: Keyboards

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Tim Moran: Drums

I've spend the vast majority of my life learning how to play the drums. They're hard.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: All the players and bands who stay true to themselves, stay out there somewhere creating inspiring music, and doing it with little regard for the paycheck or the recognition.

DRUMMING INFLUENCES: Clyde Stubblefield. Jabo Starks. David Garibaldi. Stix Hooper. Zigaboo Modeliste. Stanton Moore. Keith Carlock. Mike Clark. Billy Martin. And many others. But the aforementioned are drummers that every time I sit down to play, I incorporate something I've learned from them into my playing. Or, at least try to.